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  • May 10, 2012

Welcome to the new Alchemy site.

The last version of this site was designed in 1997, so this new one is a total reset – 15 years in the making.

When this site started in 1995, if you wanted an image gallery you built it yourself. So I did. Now, there are nice ones that you can have for free and that look much nicer than what I was able to build back then.

Back in 1995, I decided to run this site as a communal gallery so I built the capability to allow other people to upload their own artwork for display. At the time this was a novel idea (I was doing it before DeviantArt came along, and all the others that later sprang up). I also built some online tools for doing image manipulation, using the netpbm library. So, for a while there this site was pretty cutting-edge, and provided a useful service to other artists.

These days there are so many sites where artists can upload, modify and show their work that I decided that I’d drop all that from this new version and just host my own work.

So, this site reset represents the end of an era, but the start of a new one. From now, this is going to be a site where I just put stuff I’ve done – artwork but also music, combined with the occasional blog post.

If you are an artist who used to be hosted on the old site – you can still visit it if you want. Thanks for being a part of it, and best of luck for the future!

Also, here are the nearly 10 years worth of comments.

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