Here is a gallery of my digitally-created art. Click a thumbnail to open the lightbox and see a larger version.

All of my images are available for sale and because they are digital images they are perfect for large scale wall art – contact me for details. I can even colour match them to your requirements, if desired.

How this art was made

My approach to image-making is intuitive.

First, I find something I like the look of – it can be an existing image, or something I see and photograph, or an object I find that I then scan.

Once I have my source in pixel form, I look for the forms that interest me and crop out anything superfluous – I’m looking at this point for the visual dynamics that made me look in the first place and trying to concentrate the image around those elements.

Next I look at the colours – sometimes I like the form but not the colours so I change them, usually by rotating hues and tweaking things like the saturation levels, but sometimes by doing more complex channel operations via curve adjustments or manually adjusting channels.

At the same time I’m looking for achieving a texture I’m happy with. This is usually a matter of making multiple layers and doing layer maths combined with filtering to alter the layered image in some interesting way.

Back in the mid-90s, I built an application called “The Alchemist“. It let you download and manipulate videos and images from the Internet and transform them in unique ways. Some of the art you see here was made with The Alchemist.

More musings on art

I also wrote a comedic play about art you might find interesting, if you like that sort of thing.

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